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BEHOLD: Episode 2 (1 Nephi 1-5)

Devan Jensen, executive editor at BYU’s Religious Studies Center, joins Book of Mormon Art Catalog

BYUtv “Come Follow Up” Appearance

The “Come Follow Up” series on BYUtv features the Book of Mormon Art Catalog this

BEHOLD: Episode 1 (Introductory pages)

Laura Paulsen Howe, Church History Museum art curator, joins Book of Mormon Art Catalog director

Dialogue Journal Interview

Jennifer Champoux, director of the Book of Mormon Art Catalog, is interviewed by Margaret Olson

Come, Follow Me: Christmas 2023

What hope does the birth of the Savior bring to you? How does knowing His

Book Notice – “Approaching the Tree: Interpreting 1 Nephi 8”

New book from Maxwell Institute! Available now at Amazon. Approaching the Tree: Interpreting 1 Nephi

Come, Follow Me: Revelation 6-14

In Revelation, John sees a vision of “a woman clothed with the sun, and the

Come, Follow Me: Revelation 1-5

We can learn more about God’s plan for us by studying the visions of prophets.

Announcing “Behold: Conversations on Book of Mormon Art”

This new video series will complement your study of the Book of Mormon. Each week

John Philip Dalby’s Mid-century Book of Mormon Comics

We are pleased to present 300+ new entries in our catalog featuring the little-known work