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Stephanie Kay Northrup’s Book of Mormon art

In this video, artist Stephanie Kay Northrup talks about several of her Book of Mormon paintings. We love the way her art goes beyond just illustrating the stories. Northrup takes a more abstract approach to creatively visualize the message and feeling of the scriptures.

Heather Belnap on Teichert’s “Queen Esther”

We were honored to talk to Dr. Heather Belnap, associate professor of art history at BYU, about one of her favorite Teichert pieces. Her most recent book, _Marianne Meets the Mormons: Representations of Mormonism in Nineteenth-Century France_ was published in 2022. Her current book project, a critical biography of Minerva Teichert, is under contract with

Jennifer Champoux with Minerva Teichert’s “Jesus at the Home of Mary and Martha”

Jennifer Champoux is the Director of the Book of Mormon Art Catalog. She has taught art history as adjunct faculty at Northeastern University, Emerson College, Emmanuel College, and Colorado Community Colleges Online. She holds an MA in art history from Boston University and a BA in international politics from Brigham Young University. Her scholarship on

Candace Brown with Minerva Teichert’s “Love Story”

Meet Candace Brown! She was a research assistant for the BYU Maxwell Institute and the Book of Mormon Art Catalog last year. Candace is a senior studying art history and curatorial studies. She has interned at the Springville Museum of Art as well as the BYU Museum of Art and is passionate about art’s power