344 Días (344 Days)

by Silva, Susana Isabel

Dated 2022

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344 Días (344 Days)

by Silva, Susana Isabel

Artist Information

Name: Silva, Susana Isabel

Location(s): Argentina

Gender: Female

Instagram: @suisslo_papercutting


Technique & Style

Figurative, Paper




boat, water, wave

Additional Info


Artist Statement: "I read some time ago that Jaredite journeys serve as a magnifying glass of the nature of the soul in front of the world, and I believe that this is in part what made me develop a very particular interest from my childhood on these verses, and that in my experimentation artistic, has put aside the comfort of the abstraction with which I usually work to try to put this powerful sequence of miraculous events on paper. For that I made his experience my own and translated it as a symbol of mine. I soon understood that traveling my own journey I can also, like them, put my entire existence in the hands of God. He guided them through inhospitable deserts (like Lehi or Moses) and great waters, enlightened them, pushed them in the right direction, rescued them from the depths, storms and monsters.It moves me to see like a mirror in my temporary struggles with my own monsters , where I could "implore the Lord to have mercy on me, according to the multitude of his tender mercies." (1 Nephi 8: 8) or moments where I have sung praises to the Lord, giving "thanks and praise all day long" and in this winding transit that means our earthly experience I recognize that the Lord sustains me "moment after moment" (Mosiah 2 : 21) to be able to finally conquer the world, with its desolations, its contrasts and ups and downs without losing the vision of the promised land. This series is called "344" numbers that allude to the time that the trip took, until they landed on the beaches of the promised land.The first work: "344 days" based on verses 3 and 5 of Ether 6: They are two circles that connect and merge, in the one below we see the stones they used "so that they would not cross the great waters in the dark "And the one above shows the 8 ships, each one in a different place, isolated, in their own experiences, challenges and miracles."