As Many as Would Repent

by Young, Henry

Dated 2023

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As Many as Would Repent

by Young, Henry

Artist Information

Name: Young, Henry

Location(s): United States

Gender: Male


Technique & Style

Figurative, Painting


Indistinguishable, Nephites


light, scriptures

Additional Info


Computer Science major, BYU. Artist statement: "I always appreciated this verse as it explains the way the Nephites handled the captured Gadianton robbers with love and respect. The robbers’ standing at their imprisonment did not affect how they were treated. They were all given the word of God, which I have represented with the teal shape that appears in each vignette. I wanted my piece to tell the story in this verse dynamically and chromatically. Progressing from left to right, the colors transition from a deep, sinful purple to a light, repentant yellow. The figures, the one to the left representing a robber and the one on the right representing a nephite, act through the conversion process described in the verse. The robber is initially upright in prideful rejection, then sorrowfully slumped in acknowledgement of sin, proceeds to turn around, opening up their posture until arm-in-arm with their missionary guide. The figures are drawn in colored pencil. The background painted with water colors. The water-resistant canvas board and pencil allow the water color drips to run in interesting ways around the characters- sometimes over them, sometimes around. The high concentration of drips on the left are reminiscent of prison bars, which become fewer and shorter as the robber progresses up across the canvas."

Exhibition History:
  • Submitted to the 2023 BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest.