Awaiting Their Brethren

by Yocum, Lester

Dated 2018

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Awaiting Their Brethren

by Yocum, Lester



Artist Information

Name: Yocum, Lester

Location(s): United States

State or City: Utah

Gender: Male


Instagram: @lesteryocum


Technique & Style

Figurative, Painting


Lamanites, Nephites


destruction, warfare

Additional Info


Artist Statement: "Two sides of a divided nation meet, one seeking peace, the other seething with hate. A timely commentary on dealing with differences today. Several chapters of the Book of Mormon tell the story of the conversion and fracturing of an ancient American nation. Brothers, recovering from their troubled past, helped a brutalking believe in Jesus Christ. Together they helped convert thousands of the king’s subjects. Thousands more, however, rebelled and sought to destroy the king and the followers of Christ. The rebels attacked, murdering over a thousand who would rather suffer death than take the lives of their brethren. Over a thousand rebels were struck in their hearts by their murders and joined the converts. The battle ended, but the conflicts continued."

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Schneider Collection