Back to the Wilderness

by Bresler, Teija

Dated 2023

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Back to the Wilderness

by Bresler, Teija

Artist Information

Name: Bresler, Teija

Location(s): United States

Gender: Female


Technique & Style

Figurative, Painting




arrow, bow, wilderness

Additional Info


Acting major, BYU. Artist statement: "My artwork depicts the story of Nephi when he accidentally breaks his hunting bow, turns to the Lord in prayer, and then makes a new bow to continue hunting food for his family in the wilderness. I love this story because often times I have felt like Nephi in this situation. I, and I’m sure many others have felt broken or stuck, not knowing what to do. Originally I was going to depict Nephi and his broken bow, but I felt inspired by what he did after feeling stuck and conflicted. He turned to faith by praying and acting upon answers. Despite the trials, he went back into the wilderness and trusted in the Lord. Instead of depicting the affliction, I wanted to depict the hope that he attained after his affliction. I wanted to depict the fact that the Lord will always provide for us to accomplish what he has commanded us to do. This piece was made in watercolor and ink pen on watercolor paper."

Exhibition History:
  • Submitted to the 2023 BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest.