Eve returns to the Tree of Life (One eternal round)

by Sorensen, T.J.

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Eve returns to the Tree of Life (One eternal round)

by Sorensen, T.J.

Artist Information

Name: Sorensen, T.J.

Location(s): United States

State or City: Utah

Gender: Male

Website: https://tjsorensenart.com/


Technique & Style

Figurative, Painting




flower, grass, planet, robe, star, sun, temple, tree of life, water, white fruit

Additional Info


Artist statement: "Top left reveals the Spirits [sic] of God moving upon the face of the great deep working out the Atonement. The Godhead is made up of three individual beings of light. The Holy Spirit testifying from above that he is in all things and testifies of all truth. The Father is lying on the altar of the Atonement in the center with darkness requiring him to descend below, and the light requiring him to ascend above. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Through Christ an explosion of light rippled out into the universe waking up all things spiritually. All things choose their own existence because of agency. All forms of life are represented within the blue light. Left to right: a lion and cub, a butterfly, a flower, a woman, a horse, an eagle, and a whale. Next to the earth being formed is a ship on the sea representing the fisher of men. (Continuing clockwise.) The physical creation allows us to come to this earth to prove ourselves by how we act. We all face a dragon (hidden in the sunset) in this life by passing through the difficulties and sorrows that exist here to teach us opposition. This process teaches us good from evil. We are commanded to have joy in our posterity, and to experience all of life's adventures. There are temples on the earth for making covenants and learning more about our divine purpose. The temples of God are being prepared by the prophets of dispensations for Christ's second coming. At his coming we will see the glory and truth that is in him. The iron rod brings us out of the world to the Tree of Life, where Eve has returned to the tree and is offering us the love that comes from partaking of this fruit. The gate leads to the Celestial world through the veil into the Kingdom of God."