King Mosiah in his Glory

by Gammoh, Ramez

Dated 2023

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King Mosiah in his Glory

by Gammoh, Ramez

Artist Information

Name: Gammoh, Ramez

Location(s): United States

Gender: Male


Technique & Style

Digital illustration, Figurative


King Mosiah (son of King Benjamin)


crown, staff

Additional Info


Computer Engineering + CS major, BYU. Artist statement: "The artwork is meaningful to me because it represents the ideals of leadership that I strive to uphold. King Mosiah was a man who was willing to sacrifice his own comfort and safety for the good of his people. He was a man of peace who sought to resolve conflict through diplomacy and understanding. He was a man of faith who trusted in God to guide him and his people. The medium of the artwork would be digital art, which would allow for a high level of detail and realism. This is an AI generated image."

Exhibition History:
  • Submitted to the 2023 BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest.