Lehi and the Pillar of Fire

by Parker, Michael

Dated 2019

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Lehi and the Pillar of Fire

by Parker, Michael



Artist Information

Name: Parker, Michael

Location(s): United States

State or City: Wyoming

Gender: Male

Website: https://www.michaelsparker.com/paintings.htm

Instagram: @michaelparker12


Technique & Style




Additional Info


Artist statement: "This is a depiction of Lehi in 1 Nephi 1:6 where he sees a pillar of fire which dwelt on a rock, and in which he 'saw and heard much.' I wanted to show this moment especially as it has similarities to Moses and the burning bush. It is a sacred moment and was intense as it exhausted Lehi. I depicted Lehi without footwear, referencing Moses being asked to remove his sandals before his experience with the burning bush. I chose not to try to include any imagery in the fire itself, since there was no description of what Lehi saw, and it leaves the interpretation to the viewer."

Exhibition History:
  • “Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah,” Springville Museum of Art, 2019.