Names of Christ

by Barrus, Kristin

Dated 2020

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Names of Christ

by Barrus, Kristin

Artist Information

Name: Barrus, Kristin

Location(s): United States

State or City: Oregon, Utah

Gender: Female


Instagram: @kristinbarrus



Technique & Style

Folk, Textile





Additional Info


Artist statement: "Names of Christ was made in March-April 2020 in response to my family reading the Book of Mormon with the intent to obey the prophet's call to find names that Jesus Christ was called in its pages. I listened to that book another 2 1/2 times while making it to calm myself as COVID-19 raged all around us. When the prophet led us all in the Hosannah shout during General Conference the next month I knew I needed to include handkerchiefs used by my decesased mother and father-in-law, as well as our own to create a brilliant center to the quilt linking Christ's triumphal entry at Jerusalem and his appearance to Joseph Smith, just as he had re-entered my heart that spring. In all cases, green leaves were used to frame his presence and purpose. 125 names are handwritten on both sides, and the entire Living Christ declaration and the names are added in the back quilting by Xenia Stirland."