Niemowa Korihor (Mute Korihor)

by Śledž, Roman

Dated 2012

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Niemowa Korihor (Mute Korihor)

by Śledž, Roman

Artist Information

Name: Śledž, Roman

Location(s): Poland

Gender: Male


Technique & Style

Carving, Folk


Angel, Korihor



Additional Info


"Muting of Korihor" Korihor: "zawsze wiedzialem ze bog istnieje"//I've always known that God exists Alma: "wimię boga mowie ze tracisz mowe"//In the name of God I say you will lose your speech Judge: "oto dat ci znaki czy nadal bedziesz sie spieral"ˆ//Here are the signs, will you still argue?

Current Location

Private collection of Walter Whipple

Exhibition History:
  • “A Catholic Reads the Book of Mormon: Folk Carvings of Roman Śledź,” Harold B. Lee Library, BYU, Feb-April 2023