Parallel Fates

by Larsen, Sam

Dated 2023

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Parallel Fates

by Larsen, Sam

Artist Information

Name: Larsen, Sam

Location(s): United States

Gender: Male


Technique & Style

Drawing, Figurative


Ether, Jaredites, Moroni (son of Mormon)


armor, club, mountain, record, rock, spear, staff

Additional Info


Exercise Science major, BYU. Artist statement: "This piece is supposed to show the parallelism between Ether and Moroni and appreciate their sacrifices. They both were the last believers of their people and the scripture keepers as well. They both experienced rejection and exile and watched their people fall. They both kept their respective records safe so that the history of the Jadeites and the Nephites would be preserved."

Exhibition History:
  • Submitted to the 2023 BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest.