Pre-mortal Life

by Sorensen, T.J.

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Pre-mortal Life

by Sorensen, T.J.

Artist Information

Name: Sorensen, T.J.

Location(s): United States

State or City: Utah

Gender: Male



Technique & Style

Figurative, Painting


Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ


crowd, darkness, light, planet, robe, star

Additional Info


Artist statement: "The top left reveals worlds without end, eternities flowing out of a great light dividing the darkness. Top right is Satan's destructive power leading those who follow him to a spiritual death. (Continuing clockwise.) The war in heaven is portrayed as all of us engaged in a war of truth and deception. Through Agency we chose light and truth, or lies and darkness. The countenance of those that chose light and truth took on a countenance of darkness, losing their light and forgetting the goodness and mercy of God. Those that had a change of heart would return as their countenance became bright again. The boy holding the light represents all who testified of the Father's plan to choose for ourselves. In this pre mortal life, we planned our lives with God according to what we wanted to experience on earth. We knew there was a price to be paid for us to have this experience. Through Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father was given power to organize the heavens and worlds without end for all eternity. The Holy Spirit is emanating blue and white light, this represents that he is in all things and testifies of all truth. Notice the Holy Spirit is similar to the great light. This represents how God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Being at the tree of life represents learning of the Spirit, and developing a desire to become like Christ. Temples are for making covenants with God, and we progress spiritually when we follow our divine path by keeping those covenants. Living waters flow from the tree of Life giving life to all things. The three degrees of Glory are represented in the sun, moon, and the stars."