Sariah and Her Daughters

by Kadomtsev, Anastacia

Dated 2023

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Sariah and Her Daughters

by Kadomtsev, Anastacia

Artist Information

Name: Kadomtsev, Anastacia

Location: United States

Gender: Female


Technique & Style

Figurative, Mixed media


Daughters of Sariah, Sariah



Additional Info


Illustration major, BYU. Artist statement: "In this artwork, I sought to explore a quiet moment that Sariah might have shared with her daughters. We only know of Nephi’s sisters from one verse in 2nd Nephi, and we know almost nothing about them. I took the liberty of exploring what they might have looked like and how a moment between all of them and their mother might have appeared. I imagined this scene to be a rare moment of rest for these young women and their mother. Everyday life in the wilderness would have been challenging in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally, not to mention the trials brought by the complex family dynamics that Lehi’s family experienced. I imagine Sariah would have been a very important figure to her daughters and daughters in law, being a source of structure and wisdom, not only during trials but also in navigating everyday life as woman, wife, and mother. I also imagine she would have been a great source of spiritual wisdom, and would have shared this with her daughters. This scene could be one such moment. I used a combination of traditional and digital media to create this image. I created the base image with oil paint on gesso board, then used digital methods to make adjustments and to collage texture into the piece. The textures I used are handmade with a variety of traditional media. I hope that this piece gives the reader a glimpse of some of the more unknown figures of the Book of Mormon and gives us a chance to reflect on what their experiences might have been like. "