The Meaning of Life (Lehi’s Dream)

by Sorensen, T.J.

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The Meaning of Life (Lehi’s Dream)

by Sorensen, T.J.

Artist Information

Name: Sorensen, T.J.

Location(s): United States

State or City: Utah

Gender: Male



Technique & Style

Figurative, Painting




bridge, building, child, grass, river, sky, star, tree, white fruit

Additional Info


Artist statement: "The top left corner reveals the wonders and mysteries of the heavens. Hidden in the yellow area below the moon is a father, mother and child facing the light in the center. This represents the creation of human life. (Continuing clockwise.) Within the Milky Way is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit watching over us. Within the Father is also a lion, his eye is above the moon. Top center is the first world being organized. The war between good and evil is represented in opposition. The green vortex represents this fallen world. The path of light leaving the world has a woman lying on her side waiting to be delivered. The dragon is falling below her. The star of Christ's birth is left of the dragon. The building represents the pride of this fallen world. The mist of darkness surrounds it and the den of iniquity shows beings worshipping it in spiritual death. The filthy river of water is in opposition to the living waters. The path of repentance leads to the chain on the ground, where we shed our fears and weakness. After we continue repenting, the path leads us to the iron rod. The rod represents the word of God. Learning how Christ lived his life and acting like him leads to the Tree of Life. Christ's face and hand is hidden in the white fire representing divine truth as he is inviting us to grab hold. The Tree of Life represents the love of God. Partaking of the fruit means we become part of his eternal family. To the left of the river of living water is the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The archway is the gate to the terrestrial kingdom and will be the state of this world during the millennium of Christ's rein after his second coming. The little girl represents family, reminding us to seek the gate that leads to God's eternal family."