Weakness in Writing

by Hurtado, Elizabeth

Dated 2023

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Weakness in Writing

by Hurtado, Elizabeth

Artist Information

Name: Hurtado, Elizabeth

Location(s): United States

Gender: Female


Technique & Style

Figurative, Painting


Nephi, Nephites


building, clothes, scroll, table, tree

Additional Info


Fine Arts major, BYU. Artist statement: "My painting titled “Weakness in Writing” is inspired by Nephi and the other authors of The Book of Mormon and their struggles to put together a book that they felt was worthy of the Lord. Although we know Nephi as someone “large in stature” who seemed to always know the right thing to do, there was a lot more to his character than could be written in The Book of Mormon. I imagine he had many struggles and fears, and just like us felt he was unworthy for the task put before him. Not only was the physical act of engraving the plates difficult, but also the spiritual task. Much like our prophets today, this likely required an amount spiritual attentiveness that would be difficult to maintain then, and especially now. I know how it feels to believe I am inadequate and unworthy, and I often let that stand in the way between me and Heavenly Fathers plan for me. I am inspired by Nephi and his diligence and patience to forge and engrave the plates, and I will forever be grateful for the inspired words that were prepared for us today."

Exhibition History:
  • Submitted to the 2023 BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest.