2024 Book of Mormon Art Contest Awards

Thank you to all who participated in the second year of the Book of Mormon Art Contest! The Book of Mormon Art Contest was created to inspire students and strengthen their testimonies in the Book of Mormon, and to represent more people and stories from the ancient text in the Book of Mormon Art Catalog.

Beginning in February of this year, the Book of Mormon Art Catalog and Maxwell Institute encouraged students to visualize the Book of Mormon in creative, visual ways. The call for submissions encouraged art that 1) showcases underrepresented figures or scenes from the text, 2) demonstrates unique stylistic and technical approaches, and 3) highlights an unexpected hero in the Book of Mormon.

A judging committee of BYU faculty from the Maxwell Institute, Religious Education, Humanities, History, and the Museum of Art carefully considered each submission, and we are excited to announce this year’s winners.

First place: Jane Wilson, “All Things Denote There Is A God”

Each piece of this quilted coat represents a different period of creation. The white circle on the back represents the seventh day of rest. Masculine and feminine elements in the structure of the coat indicate the role of both men and women in sacred stewardships. The work was inspired by Alma’s testimony in Alma 30:44.

Second place: Carly Smith, “Women Leading Us to Christ”

This leather carving shows a provesssion of women from the Book of Mormon. From right to left, we see Eve, Mary, Sariah, Abish, wife of Lamoni, and a mother of a stripling warrior.

Third place: Alondra Paredes, “Leaving Bountiful”

An oil painting portrayed the sacrifices and faith of unnamed women throughout the Book of Mormon, and especially the wife of Nephi wh venture into the wilderness.

Honorable Mention: Anna Adams, “Reconciled Through God,” altered Wheel Thrown Ceramic and Embroidery Thread, inspired by 2 Nephi 10:24
Honorable Mention: Joseph Namingha, “Tennis Shoes: A Record of My People,” acrylic on canvas,  inspired by 2 Nephi 3.
Honorable Mention: Stephen Amos, “The God of Nature Suffers,” inspired by 1 Nephi 19.
Honorable Mention: Meranda Brodowski, “The Fruits of Our Labor,” inspired by Jacob 5:75.
Honorable Mention: Anna-Beth Bleazard, “Three of God’s Messengers,” inspired by Alma 8.
Honorable Mention: Madison Jensen, “Maidservant of Morianton,” inspired by Alma 50.
Honorable Mention: Josephine Bateman, “Save Only One,” inspired byAlma 23.