Honorable Mention: 2023 Book of Mormon Art Contest: Davis Wing

Davis Wing, Teancum’s Decision, 2023, paper origami

“Teancum’s Decision” by Davis Wing is an honorable mention in the BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest. Wing designed the origami pattern himself. The entire figure is folded from one single 2-foot square paper. It took 6 hours to fold!

Wing, a mechanical engineering student, was inspired by Alma 51.

Artist’s statement: “I chose to represent Teancum with origami, an art form that restricts the artist to only fold a single, uncut square of paper (this model was folded from a 24″ square). I chose this subject because I felt that origami could simultaneously communicate the strength that Teancum embodied, as well as the mortal fragility he later came to face. Some use the story of Teancum to demonstrate how anger leads us to make poor decisions, but I like to pull from it the example of a man who would stop at nothing to destroy evil wherever it was found. Teancum did not hesitate to do what he believed had to be done to protect his people, and I greatly admire that.”