Other Favorites from the BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest

There were so many wonderful submissions to our BYU student Book of Mormon Art Contest! It was difficult to narrow down the finalists. Here are ten more of our favorites…

“They Were All Filled” by Anna-Beth Bleazard (art history major)
“Shine Forth in Darkness” by Emma Dunn (illustration major)
“Mormon and His Plates” by Cody Copitzky (accounting major)
“The Tree of Life” by Meranda Brodowski (fine arts major)
“Anti-Nephi-Lehi Mother and Her Stripling Warrior” by Sierra Newbold (illustration major)
“The Descent of Kishkumen” by David Ben Morey Jr. (information systems major)
“Sariah and Her Daughters” by Anastacia Kadomtsev (illustration major)
“The Sole Amalekite (conversion amid opposition)” by Madison Hubert (family studies major)
“Redeemer” by Carter Norton (Bioinformatics major)
“Weakness in Writing” by Elizabeth Hurtado (fine arts major)