Jennifer Champoux with Minerva Teichert’s “Jesus at the Home of Mary and Martha”

Jennifer Champoux is the Director of the Book of Mormon Art Catalog. She has taught art history as adjunct faculty at Northeastern University, Emerson College, Emmanuel College, and Colorado Community Colleges Online. She holds an MA in art history from Boston University and a BA in international politics from Brigham Young University. Her scholarship on religious art has been published in several journals. She is the past vice president of Mormon Scholars in the Humanities, a founding board member of Colorado Faith Forums, and is currently writing a book on pioneer artist C. C. A Christensen for the Introductions to Mormon Thought series published by the University of Illinois Press. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three children.

In this video Jenny shares one of her favorite Minerva Teichert paintings. To learn more about this painting and how Mary and Martha have been portrayed in art, see Jennifer Champoux, “Wise or Foolish: Women in Mormon Biblical Narrative Art,” BYU Studies Quarterly Vol. 57, Iss. 2 (2018). Available at:

IMAGE: Minerva Teichert, “Jesus at the Home of Mary and Martha,” 1935, oil on canvas, 46” x 70,” Brigham Young University Museum of Art.