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Winners of the 2023 BYU Book of Mormon Art Contest

The winners of the inaugural Book of Mormon Art Contest were announced today by the

Part 2: Stephanie Northrup’s Book of Mormon art

Part 2 of our video with artist Stephanie Kay Northrup. Check it out to learn

Come, Follow Me: Romans 7-16

In Romans chapter 8, Paul tells the Romans about the blessings that come with following

Stephanie Kay Northrup’s Book of Mormon art

In this video, artist Stephanie Kay Northrup talks about several of her Book of Mormon

Come, Follow Me: Romans 1-6

In his epistle to the Romans, Paul teaches believers about the purpose behind outward rituals,

Come, Follow Me: Acts 22-28

In Acts chapter 26 Paul shares his witness of Christ’s suffering for our sakes and

Wayfare launch party video

Video excerpts from the Wayfare virtual launch party a couple weeks ago! Jennifer Champoux, Director,

Come, Follow Me: Acts 16-21

This week’s “Come, Follow Me” talks about Paul and his companions’ missionary work. Paul’s commitment

Come, Follow Me: Acts 10-15

The account in Acts chapter 10 of Peter being led by the Spirit to teach

Come, Follow Me: Acts 6-9

The “Come, Follow Me” reading in Acts 8-9 recounts Saul’s incredible transformation from one who