Come, Follow Me: Matthew 15–17; Mark 7–9

Annie Poon, “God’s Hand and Face”

An important theme from “Come, Follow Me” this week is faith. In Matthew 17 and Mark 9, Jesus is called upon by a father to heal his son. He says, “Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief.” This idea of the Lord using the faith we already have is a principle seen time and time again in the scriptures.

Another notable example was when the Lord told the brother of Jared to come up with a way to cross the ocean safely. The brother of Jared asked the Lord, with faith, to touch sixteen stones so that they could have light in the barges. In this piece by Annie Poon, Ether 3:13 is written across the top: “Therefore I show myself unto you…” The brother of Jared had faith and put in work, and was richly rewarded as he got to see the face of the Lord.

In a recent BYU devotional, Jeffrey S. McClellan told the story of the man coming to the Savior to heal his son. He shared, “If faith were a simple, clear knowledge, it would not be so inspiring … Imperfect faith is still faith. By very definition, faith is incomplete, so if you feel you lack clarity and a sure knowledge, that is okay. That is faith. Be patient with the imperfection of your faith. The incompleteness gives faith its power.”

-Aliza Keller