Come, Follow Me: Acts 6-9

Caleb Williams, “The Angel Appears to Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah”

The “Come, Follow Me” reading in Acts 8-9 recounts Saul’s incredible transformation from one who “made havoc of the church” (Acts 8:3) to one who “preached Christ in the synagogues” (Acts 9:20). The story nicely parallels the change of heart experienced by Alma (son of Alma) and recorded in Mosiah 27. Both Saul and Alma fell to the earth before a bright, heavenly vision. Both were asked why they persecuted the Lord and his church. Saul lost his vision for three days, while Alma lost his voice and strength. Saul’s vision was miraculously restored by Ananias, through the power of Christ. Alma’s voice and strength returned after his father and others fasted and prayed for two days and two nights. Both men became preachers of the word of God and defenders of the church. In what ways do their experiences call to mind the Savior’s death and resurrection after three days? In what ways can we learn from their mighty change of heart?

This drawing by Caleb Williams won Honorable Mention in the 2019 Book of Mormon Central Art Competition. It depicts the moment an angel of the Lord appeared to Alma and the sons of Mosiah. The angel, surrounded by clouds and rays of light, seems to burst through the fabric of space and time. The astonished young men fall to the ground, some cowering or covering their heads. Alma, though, reaches his hand toward the heavenly messenger–perhaps partly out of fear but perhaps also an indication of his coming transformation, as he begins to reach for holy things.

-Jenny Champoux, Director