Come, Follow Me: Matthew 13; Luke 8; 13

Leslie Graff, “Tree with Good Fruits”

The Lord often uses parables to teach lessons, as we see in this week’s “Come, Follow Me” material. Those who were spiritually prepared understood deeper meaning to these stories and applied the principles into their lives. The Parable of the Sower teaches messages about preparing your heart and mind for the word of God, in the form of a story about a farmer and his plants. These plant related allegories are prevalent in the scriptures. Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon compares the house of Israel to a vineyard with Jesus Christ at its head as Master of the Vineyard. Another example is found in Alma 32, where Alma teaches that the word of God is like a seed. You are required to nurture it and support its growth if you want any lasting results. These principles build upon each other and allow us to more fully grasp these important ideas. When we prepare the soil by opening our hearts to the words of the Gospel, we need to make sure that seed is planted firmly, and continue to nourish and strengthen the seed until it grows strong. What actions can you take in your life to make sure the seed is planted solidly? How can you allow the seed to thrive? -Aliza Keller