Come, Follow Me: Christmas 2023

“The Love of God,” Ben Crowder

What hope does the birth of the Savior bring to you? How does knowing His mission bring you peace? For the prophet Nephi, as can be for all of us, Christ meant love–the love of Heavenly Parents, the love of sacrifice, the love of a Redeemer (see 1 Nephi 11:17-33). This simple but profound message of the gospel rang out through the cry of a baby on that first Christmas.

Ben Crowder’s “The Love of God” addresses these themes of hope as Mary and Joseph steadily press on to their destination. Great with child, and surely with much weighing on their minds and hearts, they continued on to Bethlehem. Despite the humble circumstances that awaited them, they carried with them the Light of the World. May we meet our hopes and fears with Christ in our hearts, this season and always.

-Lucy Lacanienta, Research Assistant