International Women’s Day 2023

In honor of International Women’s Day we’re sharing some of the stunning images of women in the Book of Mormon Art Catalog…

Brent Borup, “Abish”


Rose Datoc Dall, “Sariah in the Wilderness”

Sariah in the Wilderness

J. Kirk Richards, “Our Women Were Strong”

Our Women Were Strong

Minerva Teichert, “Morianton’s Maidservant”

Morianton’s Maidservant

Walter Rane, “Oh, Blessed Jesus”

Oh Blessed Jesus

Rebecca Jesse, “Feeding Children in the Wilderness”

Feeding Children in the Wilderness

Melissa Horlacher, “Strong Like Unto the Men”

“Strong Like Unto The Men”

Joseph Brickey, “They Did Not Doubt”

They Did Not Doubt

Kathleen Peterson, “Nephi’s Wife”

Nephi’s Wife

Caitlin Connolly, “Holding Holy Things (Sister of Jared)”

Holding Holy Things (Sister of Jared)